The Pewdsball.

The Pewdsball is one of the alien organs of the Alien: Gworb, the second replacement of Bob.

Procedure on Gworb

  1. Remove the hand shaped thing from the gobbleshaft
  2. Break the lower ribs (buzzsaw or hammer).
  3. Use a scalpel or a pair of scissors to cut the two glowing tubes holding the Pewdsball.
  4. Break the ribs surrounding the ball (Don't use a laser, it's too risky).
  5. Break the glass case holding the replacement Pewdsball
  6. Put the Pewdsball into place to complete the surgery.

Pewdsball Trivia

  • This is the second alien organ that glows, with the other organ being the Gavichal.
  • The Pewdsball gets its name from Pewdiepie, a Swedish gamer on YouTube. The video below shows him doing a Pewdsball transplant.
ALIEN SURGERY! - Surgeon Simulator 2013 (Pewdsball Success)

ALIEN SURGERY! - Surgeon Simulator 2013 (Pewdsball Success)

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